Transplantation of adipose tissue

Transplantation of adipose tissue

Lipotransfer (lipofilling) is a safe and effective method of body modelling and reducing the signs of ageing by means of autologous fat grafting. The procedure involves sampling of the fat tissue from an area of excessive fat (abdomen, thighs), and then re-implanting the properly prepared fat cells into an area we want to correct.

Lipotransfer is effectively used in aesthetic and reconstructive medicine alike. This procedure is minimally invasive, and the risk of complications is negligible. This is because our own fatty tissue is a natural filler that poses no risk of any allergic reactions in the body or rejection of the grafted tissue.

Moreover, it contains living stem cells with unique regeneration and revitalisation properties that leave the skin supple, elastic and healthy looking.

Lipotransfer – the face:

  • visible wrinkles and furrows
  • drooping skin
  • adipose tissue deficit, sunken cheeks
  • facial asymmetry
  • acne and post-injury scars

Lipotransfer – the body:

  • post-traumatic skin defects, scars and imperfections
  • asymmetries
  • breast shape modelling: augmentation, lift, regeneration of the natural tissues following implant removal and reconstruction of breasts following mastectomy
  • Remodelling of buttocks: enlargement, augmentation
  • body contouring

The surgical procedure is preceded by a consultation appointment, during which the physician assesses the patient’s overall health, determines the scope and expected effects of the procedure, and prescribes the necessary tests. Their proper results are the precondition for being qualified for the surgery.

The surgical procedure is completed in a single day and the patient returns home right afterwards, with natural filling, smoothing and revitalising effects of the treated area. Additional recommendations are provided by a physician on an individual basis.


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