The assessment of the body’s biological condition

The assessment of the body’s biological  condition

Anti-ageing consultation including the body’s biological condition assessment covers two appointments and is addressed to patients at any age (including children).
Consultations are delivered by the best specialists – medical doctors with extensive experience in treating difficult clinical cases.

The objective of the consultation is to assess the current state of health and to prevent any potential future diseases.

During the first appointment a doctor in charge focuses on gathering as much information on the patient’s health and lifestyle as possible.

The main area discussed are any ailments, health-related concerns, diet, physical activity, substances, family medical history, or even plans for future.

A detailed medical interview is aimed at providing a doctor about the patient’s profile as well as current and potential healthcare issues. Next, the patient undergoes a thorough medical examination so that a doctor to be able to assess the biological condition of all systems and organs. As a result, an optimum diagnostic and therapeutic plan is created. The first appointment takes 60 minutes. Afterwards, the doctor refers the patient for a set of necessary diagnostic tests that will provide  additional information on the patient’s system. The selection of tests is determined on the basis of an interview and examination. 

Prior to the first appointment, it is advisable to prepare detailed answers to some of the questions typically asked by a doctor. Therefore, we would suggest that the patient consider the following:

  1. Current ailments.
  2. Preparations used so far (medicines, supplements, herbs) and their doses.
  3. Blood pressure and heart rate measurements (taken during a number of days).
  4. Current menu (including liquids intake).
  5. Diseases affecting the closest family (grandparents, parents, children, siblings).
  6. Patient’s questions to a doctor.

It is also advisable to bring and present any available tests results (including imaging diagnostic tests), hospital discharge forms or pictures from the past during the health assessment appointment.

After the set of tests is completed, the next appointment is booked so that the patient and a doctor may agree a convenient plan of health improvement, including the modification of lifestyle, appropriate and reasonable supplementation, adjustment of medicines already prescribed and any other recommendations.

In addition, during the visit, the patient receives advice on aesthetic medicine together with a full-year skin revitalization plan including recommended procedures.


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