Tattoos removal

Tattoos removal

The Healthy Skin Centre offers tattoos removal procedure using Q-switch laser.

Tattoos are removed by the laser emitting very short light impulses (nanoseconds) that are absorbed by the tattoo’s pigment.

After the absorption, the pigment explodes into very small particles that are assimilated by the skin to be further removed by the body’s immunological system.

As a result, the laser tattoo removal is a procedure that causes no permanent damage to the skin. 

Q-switch laser is equipped with endings emitting light of different wavelengths:

  • 1064 nm for removing dark pigment tattoos (black, grey or navy blue)
  • 532 nm for removing red pigment tattoos

However, not all tattoos pigments can be removed. It is more difficult to clear away tattoos in dyes other than mentioned above. Q-switch may be applied for the removal of professional, amateur or post-traumatic tattoos.

To ensure full effectiveness of the laser tattoo removal, a number of sessions are required in 4 to 6 weeks intervals. The number of procedures necessary to clear away a tattoo depends on various factors:

  • Colour or number of colours in a tattoo,
  • size, depth, type of dye,
  • skin colour,
  • individual response to a laser treatment (the role of immunological system).

In average, 4 sessions are required to remove an unprofessional tattoo. Professional tattoos of high pigment density usually involve 5 to 6 procedures. There should be a 6 to 8 weeks interval between the sessions to enable the body to assimilate the pigment particles, which is visible as gradual brightening.

The procedures are always performed by an aesthetic medicine doctor.

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