It is a laser-based treatment that helps to remove brown spots, smooth out scars and wrinkles, and make the skin flexible. The laser beam also provides long-lasting stimulation that boosts the production of collagen, thereby giving the skin a younger appearance. The advantage of fractional laser is the ability to treat only selected areas of the skin, without affecting the others, which considerably accelerates the healing process.

Resurfacing is a laser-based method of facial skin regeneration that involves removal of the skin’s external layer using a laser beam. Resurfacing results in smoothing out lines and scars, which makes the skin look firm and rejuvenated. This method incorporates the so-called ablative lasers, the CO2 laser and the Erb-Yag laser. These lasers gently remove the external skin layers and lead to epidermis regeneration.

The skin still includes areas which are not accessible to the laser beams. In such “patches” of the skin, which were not exposed to heat, the treated epidermis regenerates, new skin cells and bonds are formed and create the basis for the regenerating epidermis in the treated area. This device makes it possible to conduct gentle, middle or deep resurfacing, depending on the patient’s needs.

Fractional resurfacing is often conducted without anaesthesia. Before the procedure, it is possible to apply anaesthetic cream on the skin or administer drugs that reduce sensation during the treatment.

Changes are visible immediately after the procedure, but a clear effect is obtained within 3–6 months. This treatment has a long-term action and, with proper protection against UV radiation, the effects last for even a few years.

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