Non-surgical nose correction

Non-surgical nose correction

A procedure improving the look and shape of the nose using hyaluronic acid. The method allows for an immediate nose shape correction and modelling of any defects that have a negative impact on the patient’s comfort of living, e.g. nasal hump, impairments or curvature, irregularities or nose asymmetry. The procedure consists in hyaluronic acid being injected in certain areas of the nose using a very thin needle to optically amend any defects.

Additionally, the preparation of hyaluronic acid contains lidocaine (a local anaesthetic agent) which makes the procedure almost painless. The correction process takes about 15 minutes with the results being visible immediately. 

The persistence of the procedure’s effects is individual, and is about 6 to 12 months. 

It is possible to retain the results of the initial correction by follow-up injections. If performed properly, every subsequent procedure gives better and longer lasting effects.

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