Non-surgical facelift

Non-surgical facelift

As we age, the passing years become apparent on our skin in the form of sagging cheeks. Additionally, over time, our wrinkles become deeper while the drooping forehead skin presses down on the eyebrows which causes an eyelid to fall.

The drooping skin can be lifted with an innovative facelift procedure using non-surgical bio-absorbable threads.

The facelift threads are equipped with tiny hooks or cones so that they can be anchored beneath the skin. When the thread is tightened, the skin is lifted so that the excess of the drooping skin is eliminated and the wrinkles become smoother.

During the following months, stimulated skin cells produce new collagen and elastic fibres along the threads to leave the skin even tauter and more flexible. This process is supported by the thread’s composition of the polylactic and glycolic acids that stimulate skin to produce collagen and elastin.
A great advantage of the thread facelift is that it leaves no scars, unlike the standard surgical lifting procedure. After the treatment, a temporary face oedema and bruising is possible, which subsides in a short time. When the bruising wears off, the patient is ready to go back to work.

The thread facelift procedure may be performed only by a trained doctor in a treatment room.

This procedure is addressed to patients over 40 years of age whose skin is in a good condition and does not require a standard lifting treatment. Very good candidates for this procedure are patients with thick skin, including men. In the case of patients with very thin or dehydrated skin, it is first necessary to improve the skin’s quality and hydration to eliminate the risk of the thread cones being visible, especially in the forehead.

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