Mesotherapy is a non-surgical method for regeneration, skin appearance improvement, skin rejuvenation, cellulite, stretch marks as well as hair loss treatment and prevention. Intradermal injections of an active preparation allow for improved micro-circulation within the subcutaneous cells and increased fat cells metabolism (lipolysis). The method has become widely popular due to its fast revitalizing effects that trigger excellent feeling and satisfaction of the patients.

Indications for mesotherapy:

  • Flaccid skin
  • Anti-wrinkles prevention
  • Hair loss prevention
  • Cellulite (tights, abdomen, buttocks)
  • Stretch marks

Mesotherapy can only be successful when it is performed in a series of procedures. Initially, the patient should undergo one procedure every 10-14 days for two months, to afterwards continue with one session to one a month for results maintenance. Following a series of mesotherapy treatments, the appearance of the skin is significantly improved, minor wrinkles disappear completely while deeper wrinkles become more shallow. The tautness and firmness of the skin are enhanced.

Mesotherapy has also proved an extremely effective cellulite treatment. The procedure results in boosted blood flow, declined fibrosis of connective tissue and reduced deposits of fat tissue. Consequently, the skin becomes smoother while the cellulite diminishes. Injections also include caffeine which stimulates micro-circulation of the skin and assists in releasing fat from the cells. The therapy may be further supported with an artichoke extract, yellow sweet clover and rutin that boost fat metabolism. The compounds are also supplemented with organic silica for regeneration of the connective tissue and collagen fibres.

One of the most common indications for mesotherapy is hair disorder resulting in the loss or significant impairment of the hair structure. The procedure of injecting mineral preparations, vitamins and anti-inflammatory medicines into the hair scalp allows for considerable improvement of the hair nutrition, block hair loss or even cause sprout of the lost hair. The therapy is administered by injections of hair nutritive substances such as dexpanthenol, minoxidil, oligo-elements, organic silica, vitamins or anti-inflammatory medicines to trigger the hair structure regeneration.


Mesotherapy of the face 500 zł
Mesotherapy of the face and neck 700 zł
Mesotherapy of the scalp 500 zł
Mesotherapy of other areas 500 zł
Hyaluronic acid (5 ml) mesotherapy: face, neck, décolleté 1000zł 


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