Consultation with establishing a comprehensive rejuvenation therapy

Consultation with establishing a comprehensive rejuvenation therapy

It is increasingly popular among patients in the aesthetic medicine market to purchase specific procedures in aesthetic medicine. The patients undergo a procedure and strongly believe that they do not have to do anything for the next year to improve the texture of their skin. Unfortunately, this is not true.

During consultations with a licensed aesthetic medicine practitioner at the Healthy Skin Centre, each patient receives a comprehensive rejuvenation therapy plan, whether or not the patient intends to undergo such a set of procedures. We are guided by the principle that the patient should know and receive the optimal anti-ageing programme, tailored to the patient’s needs and financial considerations. While selecting therapeutic options, our physicians rely on well-tried procedures. We offer only clinically proven treatments and high-class medical devices with suitable medical approvals.

Before treatments, in order to make the revitalisation plan objective and transparent, we take a series of initial photographs and analyse several skin parameters. Such monitoring makes it possible for the patient and the physician to ensure that the given therapy is giving positive results. 

Every single revitalisation plan is selected on the basis of the patient’s health, skin conditions and medication use. Only then can both the patient and the physician be satisfied with the therapy.

Bearing in mind both the health and the financial aspects, we try to arrange the treatments in such a way as to achieve maximum satisfaction at a minimum cost. An individual revitalisation plan spread over time allows for maximising the safety profile and the spectacular effects emerging over time.

The Healthy Skin Centre does not change patients. We only restore the vitality and condition of their skin. Our services are designed only for patients who are aware of and focused on safety. 

We encourage our patients to bring along photographs from their youth and the results of any examinations or tests they have undergone, together with a list of medicines they take. This will make our cooperation easier and ensure aesthetic improvement of their appearance.


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