Lips and lower face modelling

Lips and lower face modelling

Lips, like other parts of the skin, are also subject to ageing and the process is unavoidable. Skin ageing manifests in dehydration, loss of firmness and natural pigmentation. Additionally, the lip skin becomes thinner. As we age, the distinction between the skin and increasingly dry redness of lips gradually diminishes, while the corners of the mouth droop.

Over time, radiant wrinkles in the lip area become apparent and the nasolabial folds become more pronounced.

Moisturizing is essential to maintain the firmness and structure of the lips, and consequently to protect them from the signs of the passing time. To keep the skin firm it is necessary to supply it with water, and the hyaluronic acid is the strongest moisturizing substance currently known.

The lip modelling procedure allows for increasing the volume of lips and a gentle modification of their shape, while lifting the drooping corners of the mouth.
Lips therapy should always be aimed at maintaining a natural look.

The lips attractiveness is also negatively affected by smoking, weight fluctuation or teeth defects.

The hyaluronic acid is an indispensable material enabling us to model the lower face areas in the case of drooping mouth corners. 

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