Consultation covering a comprehensive rejuvenation therapy

Consultation covering a comprehensive rejuvenation therapy

The aesthetic medicine market is seeing an increase in the purchase of certain aesthetic medicine procedures. Patients who use them often assume that it is not necessary to take any actions to improve their skin structure for the next year. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

During a consultation at the Healthy Skin Centre, a certified aesthetic medicine doctor provides the patient with a comprehensive rejuvenation therapy plan, whether or not the patient intends to use the proposed set of procedures.

We believe that the patient should be informed and receive an optimum anti-ageing programme adjusted to the patient’s individual needs and financial capabilities. Selecting the therapeutic option, the Centre’s doctors follow a reliable standards. Our offer comprises only proved clinical procedures and high-class equipment with relevant medical attestation.

Before the procedure is conducted, we take some initial pictures and analyse several skin parameters for the purposes of monitoring and making the revitalization plan more objective. As a result, both the patient and the doctor may be assured that the applied procedure brings positive effects.  
In each case, the revitalization plan is customized to the health and condition of the patient’s skin and current medication. Only then can the patient and the doctor be satisfied with the therapy.

To address both healthcare and financial needs of our patients, we make attempts to distribute the treatments in time so that the maximum satisfaction can be achieved at the minimum cost. Personalized and distributed revitalization plan allows for maintaining a high safety profile and spectacular effects emerging over time. 

At the Healthy Skin Centre, we do not change patients, we simply restore the vitality and well-being of their skin. Our offer is addressed only to conscious and safety-oriented patients.

It is advisable that the patient bring pictures from the past as well as any available test results and a list of medicines used. It will be very useful for our cooperation and will allow us to enjoy the effects of improved appearance. 


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