Forehead hyperhidrosis

Forehead hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a condition characterized by an increased production of sweat. In patients with hyperhidrosis, hands, forehead, feet and armpits are almost all the time wet. In some cases, patients need to change clothes a number of times a day. This disease causes isolation, withdrawal and reluctance to socialize, especially in younger patients. Such a situation may hinder social networking, making friends or pursuing professional career. In some cases, the condition may even lead to depression.

Perspiration is a mechanism that enables the body to maintain a suitable temperature, which is essential for the functioning of the entire system. Sweat glands take part in releasing some components (sodium ions, potassium, calcium chloride, urea, amino acids, vitamins as well as medicines) to only minor extent. Excessive sweating is caused by overproduction by sweat glands (eccrine glands). They are located across the entire human body, with the largest concentration on hands, feet, armpits and groin regions. These are the areas that are most prone to hyperhidrosis. Another type of sweat glands are apocrine glands. They are a part of a system that is further comprised of the hair and a sebaceous gland. They are located in the region of armpits, nipples, mons pubis, sternum and anus. Secretion of these glands contains pheromones. Initially, the apocrine sweat is odourless and released in small amounts. However, when it mixes with the eccrine sweat, epidermal residue and the sebaceous glands’ secretion it becomes an ideal medium for bacteria living on the skin. As a result of chemical processes there develops a characteristic sweat odour.

Only medical advice based on personal examination of the patient, analysis of medical history and additional tests can guarantee a safe and successful treatment.

The Healthy Skin Centre offers the services of diagnosis and treatment of hyperhidrosis.

Therapies offered by the Centre:

  • Botulinum toxin

Aesthetic medicine


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