Fat grafting

Fat grafting

Fat grafting is a safe and effective solution for body modelling and reducing the signs of ageing through an autologous fat transfer. During the procedure, fat is taken from areas where it is in excess (abdomen, tights) and after a relevant processing the fat cells are re-implanted to the areas that  require correction. 

Fat grafting is successfully applied both in aesthetic and reconstructive medicine.

The procedure is minimally-invasive and poses a minor risk of complications. It is because autologous fat is a natural filler and there is no hazard of an allergic response of the system or of the graft rejection.

Additionally, the living stem cells have unique regeneration and revitalization properties to leave the skin firm and resilient.


  • Fat transfer to face:
    • Pronounced wrinkles and lines
    • Drooping skin
    • Fat deficiency, hollow cheeks
    • Face asymmetry
    • Acne and traumatic scars
  • Fat transfer to body:
    • Post-traumatic skin deficiencies, scars and irregularities
    • Asymmetry

Breasts modelling: augmentation, lifting, restoring natural tissue after implants removal and post-mastectomy breast reconstruction
Buttocks modelling: augmentation, lifting, body contour modelling

Prior to the procedure, the patient consults a doctor who assesses the patient’s health and plans the scope and expected outcomes of the procedure, as well as orders any necessary tests. Only satisfactory tests results allow the patient to be qualified for the treatment.

This is a one-day procedure and when it is completed, the patient may return home. The result is a natural filling, smoothing and revitalization of the treated area. Any additional recommendations are made by a doctor on an individual basis.

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