Excessive body hair removal

Excessive body hair removal

Epilation is a hair removal procedure aimed at bringing out the beauty of the skin. There is a great variety of hair removal methods, which gives everyone the opportunity to select the best solution to address individual needs.

The method depends on the time the patient would like to assign for a procedure, the expected persistence of the effects and individual pain tolerance (wax and electric depilation are rather painful procedures).

At present, the most persistent and painless effects can be achieved using a laser or IPL procedure. Lasers made it possible to remove hair from larger areas of the skin in a shorter time and less painfully than in the case of electrolysis or diathermy. 

A laser beam of relevant wavelength is absorbed only by the dark structures of the hair. The cumulated heat destroys the melanin and hair bulbs permanently. In addition, the application of cooling gels or endings reduce the risk of thermal skin damages.

The laser removes only the hair in its growth phase i.e. about 20 to 30 percent, while the remaining hair is not visible and in the state of rest. Therefore the treatment needs to be repeated a number of times. Laser epilation may be used in any regions of the skin. After an epilation session, the patient should avoid sun exposure for about 7 to 10 days.

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