Establishing an individual diet plan

Establishing an individual diet plan

A slimming diet should be managed in such a way that the weight loss results from fat burning, rather than dehydration, loss of muscle mass or burning of other reserve substances important for the body.

While trying to achieve a perfect figure, it is crucial to follow the rules of a balanced diet.

These include:

  • Proper percentage distribution of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  • Percentage proportioning of the caloric intake throughout the day.
  • The amount of energy supplied cannot exceed the amount of energy spent per day.
  • Ensuring product variety to provide sufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals and fibre substances.
  • Proper amount of liquid.

An individual diet should be established under the supervision of a specialist, because slimming “on your own” may produce adverse effects, e.g. anaemia, anorexia or the “yo-yo” effect.

The specialists at the Healthy Skin Centre will propose an individual diet to each patient, based on based on health condition and complaints reported.

Besides slimming diets, our offer also includes healthy eating programmes.


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