Diagnostics and treatment of hair loss

Diagnostics and treatment of hair loss

Hair loss is an unpleasant problem that affects an increasing number of people, both men and women.

The causes of hair loss are very diverse – from hormonal changes, through treatment with some drugs, improper hair care, improper hairstyles, cosmetic agents, smoking, stress, chemotherapy, infectious diseases, systemic diseases, to psychiatric diseases.

In the case of women, hair loss may also be caused by pregnancy or the menopause.

Hair loss may also be caused by poor diet. Many individuals suffer from hair loss due to dietary reasons. Absence of essential nutrients may lead to excessive hair loss.

We lose approximately 100 hairs a day. It is a completely normal scalp cycle. However, when the hair loss persists or worsens, it should be a reason for concern.

The problem of hair loss should be diagnosed by a specialist physician. The most crucial objective is to search for the causes.

Proposed therapies:

  • Platelet-rich plasma
  • Pharmacology
  • Supplementation


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