Cellulite removal treatment

Cellulite removal treatment

Cellulite also known as “orange peel syndrome” is the result of an improper distribution of fat in the subcutaneous tissue. It is most frequently located in tights, abdomen, hips or arms.

Cellulite impacts the blood and lymph circulation in the affected tissue resulting in the cells hypoxia and reduced blood flow. In general, cellulite is related to the sedentary lifestyle. It may also be caused by increased body mass, wearing tight clothes or smoking.

Cellulite is unlikely to develop in men and it is usually a result of a pathologic condition. It can be, for example, associated with androgen-related disorders.

If untreated, cellulite gains in intensity over time and becomes unresponsive to therapy.

In cellulite treatment, we use prevention and aesthetic medicine procedures such as lymphatic drainage or mesotherapy. The treatment plan is preceded by a consultation with a certified aesthetic medicine doctor.

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