Carboxytherapy refers to the subcutaneous administration of carbon dioxide for therapeutic purposes. Carbon dioxide has been used in medicine for several decades.

When administered in appropriate doses into the facial skin, carbon dioxide helps to slow the physical ageing process of the skin and improve its condition. The cutting-edge device for carboxytherapy by MBE Medical Division – an Italian company and the world’s leading medical equipment manufacturer – known as Venusian CO2 Therapy maximises the comfort and safety of the procedure.

CO2 infusion leads to increased flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the area being treated, as well as boosts microcirculation and cell regeneration. CO2 injections induce inflammatory skin responses, which leads to stimulation of collagen production in the skin. A few months later follows the skin remodelling process, which is accompanied by shrinkage of collagen fibres, thus enhancing skin elasticity.

Adipose (fat) cells are very sensitive to CO2 injections. The injected CO2 is partially converted into carbonic acid which dissolves adipose (fat) cells. Increased blood supply leads to improved lymphatic drainage in the treated area, better metabolism and discharge of the released fat. This process results in the reduction of fat cells and reshaping of body contours. What is more, the regeneration of skin cells and the stimulation of skin collagen synthesis make the surface of the skin smoother and remove “orange skin”.

Indications for the procedure:

  • the so-called “bags” under the eyes, dark circles and wrinkles in this area
  • cellulite
  • local excess of adipose tissue
  • support for dietary therapies
  • flaccidity of the skin and subcutaneous tissue after giving birth
  • age-related skin flaccidity
  • circulatory disorders – the so-called “cold hands, cold feet”
  • stretch marks
  • psoriasis
  • hair loss
  • skin flaccidity and ageing

Due to medical contraindications, the procedure can only be performed by medical personnel (a physician or a nurse).


  • pregnancy
  • sever heart and lung diseases
  • neoplastic disease
  • skin inflammations in the surgery site
  • carbonic anhydrase inhibitor therapy

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