Broken capillaries on limbs removal

Broken capillaries on limbs removal

Many patients struggle with the problem of unsightly expanded veins on lower limbs. The expansion of vessels’ walls in limbs can be fostered by the blood lying in limbs or by genetic factors.

Small dilated blood capillaries on legs were usually removed with the obliteration method, i.e. injecting a pharmacological agent into distorted vessels to cause their inflammation and overgrowth.

This is an invasive method that involves certain risks.

Dilated venous vessels that are visible in the form of livid or blue veinlets require laser rays treatment. The procedure is performed using a neodymium-yag laser.
At the moment, the majority of dilated capillaries on legs may be successfully treated with the laser therapy and accurately adjusted methods and parameters of the procedure.

The lasers use photocoagulation and selective phototermolysis. A specific wavelength of the laser’s light goes through the skin without causing its damage and targets red blood pigment – the haemoglobin, to then turn into heat to make the capillaries shrink and close permanently. 

To ensure the patient’s safety, an experienced doctor is supervising the procedure, whereas the embedded computer allows for a precise adjustment of the laser’s energy. Patients are asked to wear special glasses to protect their eyes.  When the capillaries are of a diameter greater than 3-4 mm or when the network is very dense, it is necessary to repeat the procedure in the same area.

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