Birthmarks assessment – video dermoscopy

Birthmarks assessment – video dermoscopy

Video dermoscopy is the most innovative, non-invasive method of skin birthmarks diagnostics. An examined image, usually of a birthmark, is displayed on the computer screen and magnified 10 to 200 times, which allows for exposing morphological features that are not visible otherwise.

The examination is addressed to all patients with skin pigment lesions, in particular, if they are in the higher-risk group: 

  • Patients with light complexion, fair hair or eyes, highly-freckled skin;
  • Patients with tendency to sunburns;
  • Patients with family history indicating higher cancer risks, having numerous (over 50) pigment lesions;
  • Persons who often use solarium or take sunbaths;
  • Patients who have already had melanoma.

In general, the procedure takes several minutes and is completely non-invasive and painless.

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