An individual skin revitalisation plan

An individual skin revitalisation plan

Despite the same anatomical structure, the skin of every single human being is different. Everybody has a different skin tone, individual texture, network of blood vessels, distribution of glands, their function and various skin lesions related to photo-ageing.

Our skin changes with age, depending on our lifestyle, health, medication use and exposure to harmful environmental factors.

Therefore, each patient must be treated on an individual basis. Not all the treatments can be performed in all patients, because some could do more harm than good.

It is extremely significant to establish an individual revitalisation plan which involves selection of a series of treatments for a specific patient, within a well-defined period and with diagnosed health status. The frequency of the treatments varies depending on a number of factors. Differences must also be present within the parameters or the quantity and quality of the material used. An individual skin revitalisation plan is scheduled for a few following months. It cannot be too extensive because each procedure performed improves the condition of the skin, which consequently influences the indications for subsequent treatments. It is necessary to determine the main principles and procedures, and review the appropriateness of a given procedure during each appointment. Only such an approach will save the patient from complications and provide natural, long-lasting aesthetic effects.


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