The Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine Doctors “POLME”

The Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine Doctors “POLME”

The Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine Doctors “POLME” has been initiated by doctors, postgraduates of aesthetic medicine studies at the Medical University of Warsaw. The Society’s objective is to participate in building high quality and safety of aesthetic medicine procedures as well as to educate patients on anti-ageing prevention.

The doctors associated with POLME are specialists in their fields and at the same time certified doctors of aesthetic medicine. A holistic approach towards a patient allows us to ensure safety of each procedure but also to promote health so that our results and patient’s satisfaction can be improved. 

During our scientific meetings, we regularly broaden our practical and theoretical knowledge.

A member of the society may be a doctor who completed academic studies in aesthetic medicine. POLME members may also become doctors who are lecturers or postgraduates of aesthetic medicine schools.

POLME doctors closely cooperate with and support each other so that the patient may enjoy a complete care experience.

Patients may contact the Board of POLME if they consider it necessary in order to improve the quality of our work.

Each POLME member is required to participate in compulsory training programmes during a year as well as an obligatory scientific conference. With such an approach, we endeavour to stay reliable for our patients and ourselves.

In addition, the Polish Society of Aesthetic Medicine Doctors “POLME” provides support to patients with complications or suffering due to procedures carried out by unqualified persons.

Our reliable doctors may be found on our website in the “Certified Aesthetic Medicine Doctors” tab.


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